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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Canadiens Have It Bad

My cousin called me today in need of one of those ‘wanna get away’ trips. Unfortunately his departing country is Canada, a country that isn’t serviced by Southwest. Thinking me a magician, he asked if there was a cheap ticket from Toronto to Los Angeles departing on August 4th. I know next to nothing about the points business in Canada but know enough to say that it isn’t as generous as the US. As such, I didn’t even bother asking him if he had any points for a free flight.

Instead I headed over to the handy-dandy Matrix – ITA page and started putting together prospective itineraries. Here’s what I came up with: A flight leaving Kitchner to LAX connecting in Chicago on US Air then a flight from LAX to Toronto via Calgary.

Operated by American Eagle
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That’s $558 for an inconvenient flight to Los Angeles. Appalled by the price I sent it to my cousin who to my bewilderment was happy with the fare. An Expedia search yielded flights in the $800 range making this one a ‘bargain,’ he said.

With the weakened Canadien dollar, traveling to the US will be even more expensive which is why I think it’s time for him to stop paying for tickets and to start reading my colleague’s blog, Canadian Kilometers.

Not bad eh?




  1. Typos
    It’s Canadian, and Kitchener

    YKF is Kitchener-Waterloo airport
    YKF-ORD-LAX is doable, but one should also try looking YYZ-LAX on Avios

    Parking is $6 CAD/day at YKF, it’s 1 hour west of YYZ airport

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