Make an Entrance with SPG Keyless


‘Make an Entrance with SPG Keyless’ was the title of an email I received today. Hilton and now SPG allow you to check in, get your room number, and unlock your door with your mobile phone.

I think this is a terrible idea for a few reasons: First, security seems to be an issue. What if I lose my phone? What about opportunistic crooks who are aware of this feature who lurk around a hotel lobby? Call me paranoid now but don’t come crying when it happens. What about hackers?

My phone is an extension of my hand so the chances of the first instance happening are quite low. The reason I would not use this program is because I would be costing myself room upgrades, free drink tickets, and extra amenities that come from making a personal connection with whomever is working at the front desk. Even if I had a guaranteed suite upgrade, there’s still a possibility I can get an upgrade on that upgrade by being my genuine likeable self.

I guess if you have a scrooge personality, are looking to get to your room in a hurry because you are on business, or are otherwise an introverted weirdo, this program may be beneficial to you.

Then again, what happens if your phone dies? Looks like you will have to interact with a live human after all.

Is there a correlation between hotel love affairs and those that use this app?
Is there a correlation between infidelity and those who use this app?


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