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Monday, July 22, 2024
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TPOL’s Trip Report Pledge

Every blogger laments the effort of writing Trip Reports. Every reader wants the Trip Report done today because they are taking that trip tomorrow.

Next week I’m the featured blogger on BoardingArea so I’m going through my entire Trip Report directory and catching up on dozens of flights, hotels, and lounges that I have visited. They’re all going to be detailed, full of pictures, and insight but not repetitive. Having said that, this is taking way too much time. As a result, I’m writing today to pledge that from now I will begin my Trip Reports no later than a week after returning from my trip and continue writing it uninterrupted until it is complete.

By making this pledge public, I put pressure on myself to live up to my guarantee. Let’s see how it goes.

They'll be a lot of these pics next week.
They’ll be a lot of these pics next week.


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