Mexico City First Impressions


Second day in Mexico City and I thought I’d share my first impressions after wandering the city all afternoon. First, in terms of safety I’ve yet to feel any apprehension. Talk of how dangerous the city is seem exaggerated. The hotel advises against going downtown at night and cautions against hailing street taxis. That seems like sound advice in any big city. Though I remain cautious, I’d say that there are many other cities where I felt more on edge than this one.

Second, in terms of food, it is delicious. Again, many have advised against eating street food but like Shanghai or Saigon, I’ll take my chances.

Finally, as far as prices go, the peso is weak, the dollar is strong making this Pacifico cerveza a great value.

That’s all for now muchachos.



  1. I am currently in Mexico City and staying at the Hyatt as well! Just arrived and enjoying the Regency Club while the rain is coming down. Interested in meeting up?

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