Laziness Cost Me TSA PreCheck


So this story isn’t on the same level as TPG and his S ordeal with TSA PreCheck but it is a lesson in laziness.

Today I’m flying Southwest internationally for the first time to Mexico City and had some issues at the airport due to my laziness. First, I forgot to check in early for my 630am flight so I get sent to the B league. Then on arrival to the airport I went upstairs to print my boarding pass and couldn’t get my passport to swipe, something that always gives me trouble. When it finally did, I was told to go back downstairs to customer service. Already running late, I was stuck waiting in the full service line waiting on an agent.

As it turns out, not putting my middle name and ball parking the expiration date of my passport is frowned upon. After some fuss, the agent printed my pass and I went back upstairs anxious to reach the gate. I got to security and the TSA man said I didn’t have PreCheck so ‘laptops out, shoes off’ routine ensued. Of course, the hands up x-ray machine stopped working and on and on.

I’m boarding now but let this be a lesson to you kids, fill out your info correctly or wait in line forever.


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