Are Uber Promotion Credits a Sham?


Despite being a former taxi driver, I have crossed over to the Uber side for the on-demand service, better pricing, and the elimination of awkward moments when the driver asks for a tip. I share the Uber love with Uber virgins in exchange for a $20 Uber credit so I can get free Uber rides.

But, during this Hyatt Diamond Challenge I’ve noticed that some, not all, of my promo credits have disappeared. I emailed Uber support and had a terrible back and forth mail correspondence where I was told that promotions are used automatically and if there is credit leftover, it won’t carry over. Specifically, I had a $30 credit that was applied to a $5 ride. At the same time, I had a $20 credit that was applied to rides under $20 until it was exhausted. This is in contrast to the policy on the website says that credit won’t be applied to more than one ride. Uber customer service couldn’t explain this discrepancy.

I don’t get it.

Anyone else have the same experience? What can I do to maximize Uber credits besides waiting to take a long trip to save the credit?



  1. In my experience dollar credits are like money in a bank that you draw from, while “free ride up to $X credits” are valid for a single ride even if it is a $2 ride. You can draw down a free ride AND dollar credits for the same ride if the cost of the ride exceeds the value of the free ride.

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