Moved Virgin Elevate to Alaska Before The Deadline


I just wrote about how BoA gave me the short end of the stick by only approving me for the Alaska Airlines Plus card that has a whopping 5k sign-up bonus. That reminded me to see if my Virgin Elevate points had been automatically converted to Alaska at the turn of the New Year. They had not. The deadline for manually transferring them is January 31, and you can do it here. The transfer ratio from Elevate to Alaska is 1:3 Alaska for each Elevate.

I’m assuming that the ratio will stay the same when they are transferred automatically, but after my Alaska ordeal I didn’t want to take any chances. Here’s the details of the transfer:

If that 50,001 number looks familiar to you, chances are you also took part in the  2016 JetBlue points match. I almost messed that one up as well, but glad I came to my senses and banked 65k Alaska miles. While it doesn’t pacify my anger against BoA, it was nice to see my Alaska balance “elevate.”




  1. Alaska Airlines has confirmed in multiple places that you can move your points from Elevate to Mileage Plan at 1:1.3 ratio whether you do so yourself before Jan 31, or if they automatically do it for you on Feb 8.

    The only drawback for having them automatically move it for you is that you won’t have access to the Elevate miles from Feb 1-7 as they work on moving everybody’s remaining points over.

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