No One Circles The Wagons…TPOL’s Wildcard Weekend Predictions


Sports and points travel go hand-in-hand. From the Final Four, to Michigan vs. Ohio State and Ohio State vs. Michigan, to a futbol match in Marseille, to the Sugar Bowl, to the Citrus Bowl, and to Jerry World, points have taken me there (see Stadium Guide for the rest). The question now is whether I will use my points to go to everyone’s favorite Super Bowl city, Minneapolis, this year. I always said, if the Lions or the Bills go to the Super Bowl that I would go too. Well, the Lions are not going, so I can save my Delta points for a free flight to frozen Minneapolis. But what about the Bills? Before I get to that, let me lay out my predictions for the other games. A note of caution, if you read my blog, you will see that I am not a reliable sports reporter. Betting against my picks is usually a good idea.

  1. Titans vs. Chiefs: The battle of the scrubs. At one point the Chiefs looked unstoppable. Then they barely got in. Still, I’m not going with Mariota and the Titans on the road in Arrowhead.

TPOL’s pick: Chiefs

2. Falcons vs. Rams: Who can forget the biggest choke in the history of sports? I think the Falcons can for one game.

TPOL’s pick: Falcons

3. Panthers vs. Saints: Who dat say they gonna beat dem Saints? Cam Newton will not. I expect the Saints to go on a run during the playoffs.

TPOL’s pick: Saints

4. Bills vs. Jaguars: This is the 25th anniversary of the greatest comeback in NFL history. I remember watching this game as a youth praying that the Bills would not be eliminated. That day, they were not. I also recall watching every Super Bowl and seeing them implode. Finally, I can’t forget about the Music City Miracle. It looked like the Bills were finally going to win. Not so fast my friend. This leads me to this Sunday’s game where the aura of Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas, and QB Bills (for Super Techmo Bowl lovers) will inspire the Bills to circle the wagons and defeat the Jaguars!

TPOL’s pick: In Boomer fashion, I predict a Bills victory. 19-6.

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