MS Right Off the Plane!


I just landed in Montana in one of the few cities here that has a Target. Fresh off the Hyatt Diamond Challenge and new Amex Plat in hand I knew I wouldn’t have opportunities to MS in this isolated wasteland for points travelers.

To the local drugstore I told the Uber man, (there is no Uber here) to the grocery store I said next given caps on the first store’s random restrictions. A few fees later, a few ‘hit F8s’ later I had reached my goal.

I’ve heard the struggles of manufacturers in New York and the long lines of those like-minded workers in Los Angeles who struggle to load but feel that TPOL has it toughest out here in Nowhere, USA.

From the airport straight to the Target may sound absurd to those not in the game but those that are in it know the rewards make it worthwhile.

Till next time,

Keep churning my friends.



    • Yup! but saying F8 did the trick lol. And maybe I inadvertently didn’t sound like such a notorious MS by making that mistake.

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