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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Uber: Springfield :: Lyft: Shelbyville

The end of the Hyatt Diamond Challenge means I’m on my way to the airport. The worst thing about flying Allegiant besides it being Allegiant is that the airport is in Mesa, about an hour from Scottsdale.

Instead of the usual call to Uber, per the advice of a dual Uber/Lyft driver, I am using Lyft for the first time. $20 credit in phone, I’m on my way out of the desert.

Maybe because it’s 5AM, maybe because I’m flying to Montana, or maybe because the driver has the radio tuned to the commercials only station but I’m not a fan of Lyft. The name is bootleg, the colors on the app are ugly, and the ride has been bumpy. The redeeming quality of Lyft is that it is apparently cheaper for longer distances. If I’m wrong I’m sure a friendly reader will inform me otherwise in no uncertain terms in the comments section.

Obviously, as noted above, a driver for Lyft can also be a driver for Uber meaning my criticisms and this post are superfluous. Still, like the Simpsons who look down on Shelbyville, I have the same sentiments towards Lyft and it’s unclever use of Y in its name.

Anyone else angry this morning?


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