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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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My Travel Technology

If you’ve been keeping up with my Hyatt Diamond Challenge Trip Report, you may have noticed that picture quality takes a dip after I arrive at the Andaz San Diego. Initially, I thought it was the hangover preventing me from focusing on the subject. But with some digging, I have learned that the HTC M9 has faulty auto-focus software that makes capturing the right shot difficult. I guess I’ll be returning this phone and getting a…No, the answer is never iPhone.

Though I’ve already published a comprehensive What to Pack guide I thought I’d share a separate list for technology. Here’s what I’m packin’ and my two cents on each:

  • Garmin Vivoactive: For Running the Athens Marathon & Golf Reviews this device is great but has absolutely the crappiest software. 452776-garmin-vivoactive
  • Shure SE 210 Headphones: Forget Beats by Dre, Shure is the way. But, for some reason the shelf life of these headphones is not very good. One headphone is cutting out meaning they better send me a new one before the marathon. shure-se210-earphones-review
  • Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge: That’s a mouthful to say but the new phone seems very promising because it is champagne proof and has a great camera. Of course, the greatest feature is the Samsung Fast ChargeCapture
    • LG G3 (Previous): First, Sprint is the shittiest company in the world. TPOL doesn’t swear too often but it is called for when I do. Sprint, are you kidding me? It’s 2016 and I can’t call anyone let alone get a hold of Uber. The family is on Sprint that’s why I’m on Sprint. As for the G3, it’s another underwhelming Android device. The camera is way better than that crap M9.
  • Lenovo X1 Carbon: Oh ThinkPad, do you remember when I called you IBM? ThinkPads like Shure headphones are the best products in the market when they work. Initial quality is great but indubitably there will be an issue with the fan and the computer will overheat then break. For now, all is well on my Carbon except for the stupid new mouse and ‘adaptive’ top function keys. 71EYC3NfqwL._SL1500_
  • Logitech M570 Trackball Mouse: Really, you bring a mouse on vacation with you? Yes, I do because it is much more efficient for getting things done than the Lenovo’s terrible system. Capture
  • Nikon 1 J4: Tired of bad shots I got a real camera. I also enjoy walking around with it dangling from my neck like a true tourist. It’s a great camera but I still feel that low light shots could be better. I think I’ll go back to Sony eventually.Nikon1J3-578-80
  • Nikon AW120 Blue: Though the days of creeper cam are a distant memory, I still carry an underwater camera. This Nikon takes good pics in the day and does great HD video. Night pics are terrible like all underwater cameras. nikon-AW120_BL_front
  • Big Jambox: Though it’s frowned upon by the TSA never leave home without the Jambox. It’s a party in a box no matter how tired you are from a night out anywhere. bigjambox-lowres-010
  • Blackbery Priv: This is the best device on the list! I have an unlimited international Blackberry data plan with AT&T that I started in 2009 when I was went to study in Dubai. At the time the other rich oil sheikhs and I all had Blackberrys. Then stupid Blackberry decided not to listen to TPOL’s letter advising it of its impending doom if I was not hired. With my old Q10, Blackberry was good for one thing only: the keyboard. There was no Uber, no Dropbox, no Instagram, no Periscope, and no Tinder for those interested. Now with the Priv, I can finally use Android apps. I keep my Blackberry because I love writing blog posts, emails, and angry Whats App messages to my friends showcasing my travel exploits. I will never get rid of it! blackberry-priv-dblkb

And that’s what TPOL carries when he travels. What about you?




  1. Wow! I’m surprised a boardingarea blogger didn’t use bose. Shure is good, I know. Perhaps get a higher spec than 210 (now its 215). Or maybe try beyerdynamic instead?

    • Bose? No way. Shures have been with me forever. I’ll check beyerdynamic because like all shures, the speakers cut after some time. Can you believe shure still doesn’t make bluetooth earbuds?

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