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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Guns & Butter: Mexico City Travel Guide

The Mexico City Travel Guide is part of the Trip Report: The Greatest Diamond Challenge of All Time. Check out how I planned my Hyatt Diamond Challenge and how it cost next to nothing here.

In this report, I will cover:

Vamos a Mexico City con the Guns & Butter methodology:

  • A trip is composed of two factors: Labor And Lazy
  • Anything on the line (Production Possibilities Frontier for my fellow economists) is an efficient use of your time depending on your tastes and preferences.
  • Anything inside the line is inefficient as should be avoided.
  • Anything outside is aspirational but may be impossible to do given the constraints of time and resources.
  • The opportunity cost (what is given up) for relaxing and being Lazy is gained by being adventurous in the form of Labor and vice versa.


Welcome to Mexico City
Welcome to Mexico City

Bienvenido a la Ciudad de México. I hope you brushed up on your Spanish and are ready to get after it. The population of Mexico City is around 9 million people making it one of the largest cities in the world. In this guide I’ll cover what I did and didn’t do leaving the ultimate decision of what you should do to you.

Didn’t Do: Teotihuacan 

According to all things sacred, “Teotihuacan is located in the State of Mexico 30 miles (48 km) northeast of modern-dayMexico City, known today as the site of many of the most architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids built in the pre-Columbian Americas.”

It is probably worth a day trip but I couldn’t be bothered. It’s like my one temple rule in Bangkok.

Don’t Do: Dine In 

Mexico City has amazing food on every street corner. Some will caution against the cleanliness of the food and the potential for food poisoning. I don’t mind if it’s the same guy who makes the food, makes the change, and shakes my hand after it’s all done. We had varied experiences from eating at restaurants. Once we ended up being ripped off for the world’s worst tacos. Another time the food at El Bajio was delicious but this doesn’t convince me that it’s better than the street.

2015-09-04 19.18.50 (Copy)
El Bajio
2015-09-04 19.31.48 (Copy)
Salt + Lime Beer and Tacos
2015-09-04 19.45.22 (Copy)

Chapultepec Castle 

Tourism is tough on me. I prefer to eat, drink, and wander the streets. Those social ventures yield more interesting stories than organized tours. Still, some things you are compelled to do. One of them is visiting the Chapultepec Castle in Bosque de Chapultepec. The park is conveniently located within walking distance of the Hyatt Regency so drumming up the energy to get there shouldn’t be an issue. Once inside, don’t bother looking for a sign that says Castillo de Chapultepec. Instead look for Museo Nacional de Historia which is located within the castle. There is a cover charge to get in but they do take card. The Saturday afternoon we went there was a long queue.

2015-09-05 11.34.38 (Copy)
Bosque de Chapultepec
2015-09-05 13.04.47 (Copy)
Castle Entrance: Old residence of the French Imperialists then the head of Mexico
2015-09-05 13.08.00 (Copy)
Google Translate
2015-09-05 13.10.09 (Copy)
Awesome murals
2015-09-05 13.13.00 (Copy)
View from top of the castle
2015-09-05 13.18.21 (Copy)
El jefe!
2015-09-05 13.22.43 (Copy)
Curse this HTC M9: Outside of castle
2015-09-05 14.07.08 (Copy)
Chapultepec means grasshopper

Nightlife & Polanco 

All that tourism making you thirsty? Then it’s time to decide how far you want to take it. If you are looking for a peaceful evening among friends while enjoying a couple of cocktails, remain in central Polanco by the countless cafes.

2015-09-05 10.25.40 (Copy)
2015-09-05 10.25.59 (Copy)
Polanco residence
2015-09-05 10.34.34 (Copy)
Abe in Polanco with a new hat
2015-09-05 15.50.07 (Copy)
Polanco spirits

If after you have had your share and want to see how this cosmopolitan city gets down, then take your pick of nightclubs. A friend of mine took me to Joy Room. Happy times shared by all.

Music was great, for the most part
Music was great, for the most part


After a night out well past 5AM, our Sunday was reserved for going to Zacero, the proper downtown of Mexico City. Here you will find the Torre Latinoamericana, the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, a Mexican flag that may be as big as the one in Cancun, the National Palace, as well as plenty of walking streets and the aforementioned $30 tacos.

It’s worth at least an afternoon but try to arrive in better shape than I did. You will last longer.

2015-09-06 12.40.14 (Copy)
The City is what I picture NYC to be in the 80’s
2015-09-06 12.43.14 (Copy)
El banco
2015-09-06 12.51.25 (Copy)
The walking street
2015-09-06 12.53.33 (Copy)
Classic architecture
2015-09-06 12.54.06 (Copy)
Get ready to cross
2015-09-06 13.10.17 (Copy)
The Cathedral
2015-09-06 13.11.20 (Copy)
The Capitol


Late Night Food & Street Food 

Are they one in the same? Not necessarily. When I speak of late night food I’m talking about two restaurants: 1) La Casa del Pastor 2) El Fogoncito.

They are not the fine dining that I advised against. They are casual and delicious.

2015-09-04 21.03.26 (Copy)
La casa del Pastor – Polanco
2015-09-04 21.03.08 (Copy)
2015-09-04 20.45.30 (Copy)
Trompo! Trompo!
2015-09-04 20.43.01 (Copy)
The endless pico style sauces

The second late night spot is El Fogoncito.

2015-09-06 21.10.15 (Copy)
El Fogoncito – Polanco
2015-09-06 21.09.18 (Copy)
The collection of blurry picos
2015-09-06 21.14.55 (Copy)
Fajitas delicious
2015-09-06 21.15.00 (Copy)
Combo taco plate
2015-09-06 21.30.52 (Copy)
And a good cerveza

Here’s a hybrid street food restaurant in downtown that had great tacos:

2015-09-06 12.58.54 (Copy)
Tacos de Canasta – Downtown
2015-09-06 13.01.50 (Copy)
The hot sauce
2015-09-06 13.02.04 (Copy)
The goods
2015-09-06 13.02.09 (Copy)
A variety of treats
2015-09-06 13.03.51 (Copy)
Original Coca
2015-09-06 13.08.06 (Copy)
Courtesy Clerk to bottles
2015-09-06 13.08.37 (Copy)
This is a bargain

Street Food is everywhere. Tacos, hamburgers, and gorditas among other tasty treats of which I do not know the name. Try one, try them all. You will never be disappointed. And if you are, it only cost you a few pesos.

2015-09-04 15.34.45 (Copy)
I will have 2 of those
2015-09-05 10.43.30 (Copy)
2015-09-05 10.50.47 (Copy)
2015-09-05 10.54.37 (Copy)
Fresh produce everywhere

Mexico City has tons to do but it can be exhausting to try and do it all in only a few days. If you do get overwhelmed, return to the Regency Club at the Hyatt for a nice tequila on the rocks.

The Regency Club
The Regency Club

Salud muchachos!

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