Nothing Runs Like a Deer


Down under you have kangaroos. In the Mountain West, you have deer. And not just in the wild grazing. The deer are everywhere strutting their stuff like the land is theirs and humans are infringing on their domain, much like my post title does on a certain lawn care company.

Similar to the kangaroo who may look cute, deer pose a serious hazard to those that get in their way or vice versa. Take your eyes off the road for a minute in a mountain pass and you may find yourself Thelma and Louised off of a bluff.

It’s not just in the mountainous areas these prancing fools come out to play. As the picture below shows, this deer decided that the streets of downtown was more his style. Nothing runs like a deer or in this case walks like on.

IMG_20150708_144714 IMG_20150708_144724


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