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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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The Wi-Fi Is Coming, the wi-fi is coming!

a-live posts via trusted Blackberry are meant for when I’m on the go not when I live in third world places where it takes a week to install what better be dependable wi-fi. I probably could’ve gone to a coffee shop to steal some bandwidth but this town is where points enthusiasts go to die as virtually every mom and pop shop doesn’t take credit cards. In the last few weeks I’ve written more checks than I have in my entire life. Somehow out-of-state checks for $1.50 are more convenient than the 3 percent Amex charge for using a card.

So tomorrow the wi-fi man is coming and TPOL will be back online full-time. Thanks for bearing with us as we experienced this longer than normal hold time. We appreciate your patience. A kind post will be written tomorrow.



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