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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Athens Marathon Registered! Trip Report Diary Begins

Today I registered for the marathon in Athens. I will be creating a Trip Report Diary on the whole process from the start of training, the booking of flights, the buying of performance enhancing drugs, until I cross the finish line and find my way home, hopefully as a first class champion.

Who knows what will be in this diary. Perhaps I’ll include a Starbury crying bathtub scene as I lament my decision to sign up and publicize it.

Before I get into all that, I still have to do the following:

Also, I have to make sure that my payment went through. Would you use a credit card or trust the National Bank of Greece with a bank wire? All concerns should be forwarded to




  1. Good luck! That was my first marathon back in 2005! Whoa 10 years now — time flies — maybe I’ll sign up for it too! hehe. Try to get a hotel within walking distance of the Panathinaiko stadium so you can simply walk back to your hotel room after the finish.

  2. Good luck! I have not yet run that one but it is one I want to do at some point. Watch for the hills! Joey could tell you best but there are some hilly spots there.

    • Step 1 find a convenient flight. I’ll be flying coach because why pay for business if you can’t drink. The alternative argument is that you want to arrive rested and not jet lagged hmm

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