Onto the Next One


Following my taxicab book promotion, my plan was to have the book released for my Round the World Trip in One Direction Tour then the Across the World to Mongolia Encore Tour. The idea was to bring as many books as I could pack into my Osprey backpack and leave them in the seat back pocket of every flight. Travelers would reach for that mind numbing airlines magazine and be pleasantly surprised to find my inspirational work instead. (YOU CAN BUY IT HERE! and SkyMall.)

Looking at the Great Circle Mapper, that would’ve required about 20 books, and maybe some excess baggage fees.
That’s 42,000 miles of First and Business class flown for next to nothing! #pointsking

Unfortunately, the process of editing and binding a book is much more complicated than I realized. So, all I could bring were some nifty business cards showcasing ThePointsOflife on one side and my Prius whip on the other.

Call me maybe

Passing those out was still fun as I received the same run down of questions each time:

What is ThePointsOflife, some sort of cult?

Why do you have a picture of a taxi?

Enter Alex the marketing magician to respond to said questions.

Even with the barrage of new Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and Instagram stalkers (I should disable the location), I was still annoyed that I didn’t have physical copies to disburse at 30,000 feet.

My vexation has been soothed in the past few days and friends, family, and fools have posted pics of the book from around the world. From Tokyo to Toronto, Anchorage to Australia, the word is getting out- abandon your cubicle, live life now!

Christmas came early for big supporters in Toronto! Shout out to George and Stephan!
Impatiently waiting for the book to go from viral to epidemic status, I’m off to plan my next marketing scheme since this taxi is out of commission.

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