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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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They’ve Gone Too Far!

This time they’ve gone too far! Outraged, angry, and disgusted is how I feel right now.

We borrowed a bottle of Tabasco for the apartment from a local restaurant because we couldn’t find it in the store.

I came home after a hard day’s work yearning for some peppery pleasure. Out of habit, I remove the unmistakable red top, tilt the bottle at the perfect angle, then curiously wonder why there is a moment of pause before my hot sauce fixation is fixed.

A delayed second later, I figured out why when I tasted disappointment. Believing this was karma from borrowing, I almost didn’t give the bottle a second glance. Luckily, I did. That’s when I discovered trademark infringement at its finest- fake Tabasco!

Fake f@*!ing Tabasco. Are you kidding? Is nothing sacred? This time they’ve crossed the line. This time I’m going to take some action. This time I’m using my law degree for good.

Bachuwa and Mcllhenny vs. Zhongguo Impostor



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