Park Hyatt NYC Grants Suite Upgrade on Chase Award


Christmas may have been yesterday but it feels like Christmas morning as I calculate how early I can arrive to the Park Hyatt NYC and what reason I could give for such an early arrival. “Hi, it’s 8AM and my flight arrived ten hours early due to a great tailwind, I’d like to check in.”

Initially, I couldn’t find award availability following Hyatt’s suspicious week of GoldPassport going offline. Then a couple of days later, I saw that standard rooms were available and decided to book. In the old days, if you applied for the Hyatt Chase card as a diamond member, the two free nights would be two free suite nights. Today, Hyatt claims that diamond suite upgrades cannot be used with Chase free night awards.

I accepted that I would have to settle for a standard room at one of the nicest hotels in New York until the guest relations agent emailed me asking if there’s anything he could do to assist with my stay. I asked him if it was indeed true that I could not use a diamond suite upgrade.

An hour later, I received a booking confirmation from Hyatt followed by an email from the agent which read: You’ve been upgraded.

If I leave right now, I can make it in time for breakfast.

I'll take the free upgrade, thank you
I’ll take the free upgrade, thank you

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