Priority Club Calama, Chile: No More Paying for Toilets!


The Priority Pass Calama Airport Lounge Review is part of the never-ending South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Priority Pass lounges and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that they are available when I need to sleep after a flight is cancelled (see Priority Pass: Lima, Peru). I hate it when the food is repulsive (see Yuck: Priority Pass Jakarta). The Priority Pass Lounge in Calama was both.

Liked: With two hours to go before my flight to Santiago, I was happy that I finally was able to use a toilet without having to pay (see Day 2 Salt Flats, Bolivia).

Did Not Like: I did not like that I was duped into believing that the donuts were edible. I bit into one that must have been out for hours because it was as hard as the salt flats.

Besides the food, I used the hell out of the Wi-Fi because I had been off the grid for days.

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