Sky Airline: A Discount Airline with a Wood Finish


Move over Southwest. There’s another discount carrier in town. Well, not in your town but in Chile. For $50 per person, I flew Sky Airline from Calama (the nearest airport to San Pedro, Chile) to Santiago. The Airbus 319 is decorated with a unique wood finish. In case of an emergency, follow the mahogany. The two hour flight does not come with complimentary refreshments like Boliviana de Aviación. Agua con gas is available for $2.30. I’m beginning to believe after my $34 llama lunch that Chile is not a cheap place to visit.


  1. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, but I pictured something much more luxurous after reading the title, not cheap pergo hahaha.

  2. Flew them Santiago to Mendoza, Argentina in March. Very inexpensive and had no issues. Used their Chilean website to book the tickets. I believe google translate saved the day on that one.

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