Priority Pass SF Giants Clubhouse: Even If It’s Free, Stay Away


Priority Pass SF Giants Clubhouse Lounge Review is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

I didn’t need food after my TPOL Down Under trip‎. I did need something to do since my flight to New York was delayed. Finding no satisfaction at the Amex Centurion SFO, I looked up Priority Pass options. The closest to my gate was the SF Giants Clubouse. Cardholders receive a $28 credit for one person or $56 if two people are dining.

Looking to maximize my credit, I ordered filet sliders. The beef tasted like rubber octopus. It was disgusting. Without Priority Pass, the sliders are $25. For $11 there’s also a chili hot dog. It rivals the sliders for degree of edibility. If there isn’t a lounge or if I don’t have access to a lounge, TPOL has a policy of fasting. This restaurant proves why I should not deviate from that.


I like the Priority Pass restaurant concept. It was fun to play golf in MSP (see Fore! The PGA MSP Airport, Simply Awesome) using the credit. This place was just not a good choice for applying it.


  1. You should try the salads. They have a couple of very nice hearty salads that are both filling and quite good. The wait there for take out, however, is pretty long so build in about 20 minutes wait time for food.

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