The Road to Kakadu: Walking in Dundee’s Footsteps


The Road to Kakadu is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

“Casa de Mick, that’s what I call it.” While in the Northern Territories, I couldn’t help but quote Mick Dundee. A fan of Crocodile Dundee 1 & 2, I had to visit where parts of both movies were filmed, Kakadu National Park.

Northern Territories: Home of Mick Dundee

An obligatory stop at Corroboree Park Tavern is required on the way there and the way back. It reminds me of the Walkabout Creek Hotel from the movie.

After refueling, go in for a beer or two (I recommend the Wild Yak) and a take away Bloody Mary if you’re lucky enough to have a designated driver.

You can even gamble for a free drink if you pick the joker card.

Although it’s a gas station, there is a full service kitchen. Try the Barramundi fish. Avoid the Oysters Kirkpatrick, a terrible invention combining bacon and Worcestershire sauce with oysters.

Bad choice: Wise to have asked what they were before ordering.

The sandwiches, on the other hand, are quite good.

The drive from Darwin to Kakadu is a little under two hours, provided you don’t encounter any jumping deer that want to attach themselves to your bumper along the way. Like the Croc Jumping tour guide’s instructions, be sure to heed the warning about swimming with crocodiles.


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