Yellow River Cruise Kakadu: More Croc Hunting


Yellow River Cruise Kakadu Review is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

Croc hunting continued in Kakakdu on the Yellow River Cruise. For $90AUD per person, tourists are taken on a two hour cruise with an indigenous guide. Unlike the Croc Jumping tour which is more of a novelty activity, this was an authentic experience.

‎Like my guide in Kenya (see Mara and Amboseli), this guide was informative and passionate about the park. We learned about how the Aborigines regained their land and entered into an agreement with the government to create a national park. ‎We learned about the numerous birds in the park. And most importantly, we learned how to spot a croc, something I had advanced knowledge of given that I am a scholar of Mic Dundee.

In seriousness, the guide was quick to spot crocodiles that none of us would have seen. The first one was a female that sat perfectly still blending in with the greenery. The second was a massive male. The guide drove right up to him and waited to see if he was going to feast on a snake we saw that was in a trance following a big lunch. The croc must’ve been shy because he just lied next to the snake, perfectly still, waiting for us to leave. I imagine that was the snakes last meal‎.

After that, we cruised the river and saw many beautiful sites worthy of many photos.

This was a great experience and a must do if you are going to Kakadu.


  • Get a fly hat. And I’m not talking style. Flies kept landing on my face and were annoying. One tourist had one and looked silly in it, but I would’ve loved to have had one.
  • It costs $25AUD per adult to enter Kakadu Park. Tickets are available at the ranger stations. I don’t know how heavily this is enforced, but I didn’t want to get fined (see Scammed or Stupid? A Big Fine in Palermo).
  • Rainy Season: Most of the trails are closed during the rainy season. The cruise and a scenic flight were the only activities available. Fortunately, the cruise was fantastic making the Journey to Kakadu worthwhile.


  1. Dumb question of the day here, but isn’t it incredibly dangerous to wander trails in a crocodile infested area? I’ve done so in the Everglades, but that’s just with alligators, which are sweet and cuddly compared to crocs.

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