SAA A330 (JNB-CPT): The Most Comfortable Business Class Flight?


The South African Airways Domestic Lounge Review Johannesburg is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Recall how angry so many readers were when I called my Ethiopian Airlines flight from JNB to ADD the worst flight experience? Now, I know they’ll be offended by my claim that SAA’s A330 is the most comfortable business class product in the world. I’ve flown Emirates. I’ve flown Cathay. I’ve flown everything in between (see all Flight Reviews here). Those airlines provide more intimate seats, better beddings, absurd food, great champagne, and superior IFE. That’s not the comfort I am referring to. The comfort I’m talking about is the same that you find when you spend a night at grandma’s house. Sure she doesn’t have an HD television and the furniture is old and creaky, but those superficialities aren’t why you visit grandma’s. You go there to be relaxed and take a break from the distractions of the outside world. The same is true aboard an SAA A330. Using the spaceship control buttons, I managed to find the perfect position to recline while having a glass of wine. I tweaked the configuration a bit more to eat and have the classic combination of Amarula and coffee post a hearty lunch. If I wanted to sleep, I could pass out instantly without the pomp and circumstance of having a flight attendant prepare my bed. The seat is so comfortable and versatile that I want one in my own home.

This is my third time on an SAA A330 (JNB-VFA and VFA-JNB). I stand by my assertion that it’s the best! Let the outrage ensue.


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