Simply The Best: December 2021


Another year is gone, I’m still all alone. How could this be, that you’re not here with me? ‘You’ refers to travel, which I did not do a lot of in 2021, but still more than 2020 (see NYC Twice: A Recap of My 2020 Travels). I did manage to put up some great posts in December nonetheless.

  1. Happy Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances 2021

    Read all the comments from the best shit talkers of 2021.
  2. Covid Test to Enter Puerto Rico: Another Asinine Policy

    I never thought I would look to the Master Insurrectionist for advice but it’s time to heed his words: “Don’t let Covid dominate your life.”
  3. Michigan v. Wisconsin: Formerly Camp Randall Stadium Review

    On this day Michigan won.
  4. Post Lockdown Dream Fulfilled? Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

    On March 11th, 2020, I was watching an NBA game at Revolution Pizza in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. That day they announced that the season would be suspended. Who knew that life would turn upside down, and I would not have a real trip until 17 months later.
  5. Guns & Butter: Madison, Wisconsin Travel Guide

    Marbury v. Madison was a famous case in law school. While I can’t remember the facts of the case, I won’t forget the fun time I had in Wisconsin’s capital.
  6. 2021 What I Spent (And Received) in Annual Fees

    While they slightly more than doubled from my 2020 total of $744, the $1,571 I spent in annual fees was well worth it in comparison to what I received.
  7. Old School Partying in Madison, Wisconsin

    Looking in the mirror, I confirmed what I suspected from the night before – I am really getting too old for this shit.



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