Simply The Best: March 2018


I’m writing this on 3/30/2018 which allows me to bask in my prediction that Michigan is in the championship game on April 2 and that I’m in attendance! Here are the best posts for the month of March. I find it interesting that the positive posts receive substantially fewer views than the negative ones.

  1. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class LHR-SFO: Pumba’s Last Ride
    Virgin, Virgin, Virgin. There are virgins everywhere. First, it was the Virgin Clubhouse in JNB. Then it was the Virgin flight from JNB to LHR. Then it was Pee Wee’s Virgin Clubhouse in LHR. Now, it’s one more touch of purity before I land in SFO and ditch this pig prop forever.

    2. Ripoff Alert! Great White Cage Diving in South Africa with SharkLady Adventures

    Warning! Warning! Warning! Do not go shark cage diving in Gansbaai before reading this post.

    3. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class JNB-LHR: Pumba in Flight

    I can see the novelty of bringing a prop on a points trip but, pranks aside, TPOL is not going the monkey route.

    4. Shake Shack: Meh Burger for Me

    Against my better judgment, I returned one more time to Shake Shack just to be sure. I ordered everything. I stand by my initial opinion: overrated.

    5. Alcatraz: An American Landmark

    I thought my stay at the Hollywood Tower Hotel in Orlando, Florida was bad. That was before I went to Alcatraz which at one point was home to some of history’s most notorious criminals, including Al Capone.

    6. United Calls to Apologize for Avianca Strike: Miles Refund Included

    You may recall that Avianca went on strike and almost ruined my trip to South America & Africa.
    Here’s the strongly worded letter that I wrote to United and a recap of the events.

    7. Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco: I Hate Suite Reviewing

    Read the comments. Some did not get that I was admitting this was not a good review. Who are these angry people?



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