Thai Uber Asks For Gas Money


I usually include a Getting There section before my hotel review because hotel websites don’t bother including this information unless you want to take their silly car service. With this new thing called Uber, the Getting There section is not as relevant.

Even with Uber, there is the occasional weird incident that reminds me how much I hate taxis. Here’s another one:

I arrived in Bangkok for my twelve hour layover. Originally, I was going to hit Khao San for drinks and food then go back to the airport for my 6AM flight. Since I’m getting too old for this shit, I booked a room at Le Meridien near the airport. Now I just needed to get there.

The taxi line at the airport was insane, so I launched the Uber app.
The Uber driver was already at the airport. Within seconds of getting into the car, I knew that this was going to be a hassle. First, the driver claimed he did not know where I was going even though the location was in his navigation. Then, he started mumbling, “Too much traffic, 200 baht, 200 baht.” I ignored him. After a few minutes, he went to the gas station, an Uber no no. Before filling up, he had the audacity to ask me for gas money. I refused.

Fifteen minutes later, we arrived at the hotel. He’s not getting 5 stars for that nonsense.
Uber is great both at home and abroad, but it certainly isn’t perfect.

Anyone have any sketch Uber stories to share?


  1. I have had taxi drivers ask for gas money during the ride several times in SE aisa (on longer than in-city drives). I have never hesitated to give it to them as part of the fare. Never had a problem.
    I must have been very lucky over the years. Of the 100s of taxi and uber rides I have had in Asia over the years I have never had a truly bad experience. Was gouged in Beijing once by a driver who wanted what amounted to double fare in the rain (but it was worth it since it was near impossible to get anyone to stop in the center of the city).

  2. dude, you only be getting too old when you say you be getting too old! keep it young. keep it fresh. and keep it legal, mr. lawyer, when pertaining to all good women : keep it just over 18.

    PS on my round the world bike ride, i met a random who worked at the marriott right in the heart of bangkok. he told me to come by in the morning, he’d be working, and he’d hook me up with a free breakfast buffet. i buffeted for 5 hours and left with a basketball belly. money!

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