The Match: TPOL vs. Contreras, Stream Live This AM


Never before has there been so much hype for a golf match. Reminiscent of Tiger vs. Phil, The Match, presented by nobody, is happening this morning at the Rio Mar Golf Club. Caesars gives TPOL 5 to 1 odds to win and does not expect Contreras to last more than 11 holes. The event can be live-streamed using your favorite streaming service. May TPOL win!

I’ve shirked my blogging duties to train like Rocky V.


  1. TPOL, you may have shirked your blogging duties to train like Rocky V for #thematch, but let’s be real here …. real bloggers don’t wear shorts in that color. My guess is that the Fighting Irish would not come close to claiming that color. (yuk, yuk). always enjoy what the heck your are posting next. P.S. here’s how to spell m-u-l-l-i-g-a-n in case you need to use the term on the back nine.

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