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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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TPOL Chokes, Loses

Soon I will return to my regularly scheduled blogging, but for those who could not tune into the streaming golf match yesterday (The Match: TPOL vs. Contreras, Stream Live This AM) due to blackout restrictions in their local market, I would like to share the results. Up 2 strokes with 2 holes left, TPOL took to the tee box and hit a less than impressive drive. The next shot went OB. Even with the recovery off of a wedge onto the green, the match was tied up going into the final hole. With the pressure mounting, TPOL had a collapse. The driver went straight into the air. The next shot was errant right. The shot after that went into a bunker.

TPOL lost by one.

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This is my weekly reality.


    • For sure there should be. The whole thing was rigged! I thought we agreed on one set of rules but 3 holes later, nope! Law and order.

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