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Friday, July 19, 2024
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TPOL Doesn’t Give A…

Hoot! You were expecting another word? It’s still a PG-13 world, so no I can’t abandon all censorship. But, what I am doing is adding yet another social media application to my arsenal. This time it’s Snapchat. Why am I finally getting ‘hip’ and using an app that’s been around forever? The idea came after my ‘no free breakfast post’ resulted in a record number of comments (and death threats).

New readers to my blog or ones that don’t get my sense of humor went on and on about my lack of character. To give them more reason to dislike me, I figured I’d post photos of TPOL actin a fool in real-time. This includes participating in pointless debauchery, consuming alcohol, and other sins frowned upon by the anti-social establishment.

Think of it as the picture version of my a-live posts, a category of my blog where I write quick updates of TPOL on the go (curiously also criticized for its lack of depth by readers who don’t get I’m writing these barely edited posts from my BlackBerry).

Who knows how long I’ll play the Snapchat game but since all the crazy kids are doing it, I too will take a hit.

Pouring champagne like Mr Carter
Pouring champagne on my phone like Mr Carter


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