TPOL Is Back in America, a-live


TPOL is back in the US of A but it certainly was an adventure to get here. Realizing my celebrity status, the Chinese let me in the country. Dim sum for lunch in Hong Kong, party at M1NT in Shanghai, followed by street food galore was the best (unplanned) way to spend my birthday.

After a quick stop in Tokyo, I’m in Dallas en route to Detroit. Unsatisfied with the Admirals Club, I took the Skylink to the Centurion Lounge. Eavesdropping, I heard a group of people talking about first class flights and champagne. Intrigued, I approached the group ‎and was happy to learn that they were points travelers. Some had even read the blog (shout out to those that do and my new Twitter followers).

Exhausted, I’m signing off. Regular posting begins tomorrow. ‎



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