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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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TPOL’S Food Guide Nairobi: Don’t Miss Carnivore!

TPOL’s Food Guide, Nairobi Edition is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

All those game drives made me hungry. My first time in Nairobi I went to China Plate, which was fantastic, for dinner. When we returned to Nairobi, the only thing on my mind was food.


For lunch, I spotted a local pizza establishment with a familiar name, Domino’s. One large pepperoni with peppers please. And deliver it to the Four Points, thank you. a pizza in a box

TPOL’s Tip: Skip the wings, they were lame. a box of chicken wings and a container of sauce


For dinner, I went to Carnivore, Nairobi’s take on Fogo de Chao with a Maasai twist. For $35 per person, you can eat all the meat you want until you raise the white flag to surrender. I had ostrich, crocodile (again), beef, lamb, chicken, and rabbit. I gave it my best effort but after pounds of meat, I had to throw in the towel.a sign with lions and animals on it a menu board with white text a circular structure with red lights a red lit room with a group of objects a man cooking a chicken on a grill a man in a red shirt a glass with a straw and a lime on a plate a person holding a wine bottle a wooden tray with spoons and bowls of soup a table with food and wine a woman smiling at a plate of food a plate of food with a knife a plate of food and a glass of wine a meat on a skewer on a table a man holding a skewer over a man's head a man holding a knife and smiling at the camera a man sitting in a chair a plate with a sign on it a dessert on a plate

Jus Chicken
What did I have for lunch before going to the airport? Jus Chicken. Jus Chicken is walking distance from the Four Points. It serves impeccable fast food chicken for a fair price. $10 got me half a chicken, two sodas, and a meat pie.a telephone pole with signs on it a man walking in front of a restaurant a tray with food on it a man eating food at a table
There are so many food options in Nairobi. But, after days of safari I wanted to feast on the familiar.


  1. Sorry but as a Nairobi native (and fellow Wolverine), I have to say that Carnivore is a sad shell of its former self now that they cannot serve game meat which made it famous and was awesome at the time. If you are in Nairobi again, go to Fogo Gaucho for churrascaria. It’s cheaper and better variety including ostrich, crocodile, plus great cuts of beef, lamd, prawns, and more.

    • well since the chinese was great, i’d imagine that the argentinian place (assuming by the name) would be awesome as well. Go Blue! (even though we are awful)

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