Turkish Airlines Lounge Review Nairobi: Lucky to Be Here


The Turkish Airlines Lounge Review Nairobi post is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

If you have a late night international flight out of Nairobi, head to Terminal, 1A and the Turkish Airways Lounge, part of the Priority Pass network. Although the place is jam packed, it does have plenty of food choices including delicious samosas and a generous serving of alcohol including my favorite of all time, Guinness Extra Stout, and Kenya’s own, and my local favorite, Tusker beer.

There are two rooms in the lounge. If you can find seating in the main room, I suggest staying there. The other room is for the overflow of travelers who get to enjoy the stuffy atmosphere and darkness.

The dark room
Crowded room

The place eventually cleared out.

Waiting in NRB airport without a lounge looked miserable. Even if it is a long walk, head to the Turkish Lounge to relax.


  1. Here’s a moment of ‘I wish we had….’. We flew out of Nairobi last Feb and knew about the Turkish lounge but didn’t go down far enough and just went into the Kenyan lounge. I felt like we had really stepped back into a post cold war bunker! That whole section of the terminal looked so sad. The place seriously needs some TLC especially after that new(ish) lounge is down the way.

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