TPOL’s NBA Finals Prediction


Warning: This isn’t a points post. TPOL likes to talk about sports especially since he’s a sports agent

Apologies for my time away, the last couple of days. It isn’t like me to go a day without posting regardless if I’m in Tahiti or, as was the case this Memorial Day weekend, Columbus, Ohio. It’s the first time that this Wolverine has gone to Columbus and as far as the city goes, I regret to say that it isn’t terrible.

Today I watched OKC roll over and die against Golden State leaving a Warriors Cavs rematch. I regret that I didn’t post my prediction for March Madness (TPOL had Villanova). I was a bit gun-shy to write about sports after my poor Super Bowl prediction.

This Finals will be boring. I expect GS to win in 5. Let’s go through it step by step.

Home Court 

GS has home court and if this series goes more than 5, the home team overwhelmingly wins game 7.


Kerr has already won and Lue? Come on…


There’s too much pressure on Lebron to do everything himself and bring a championship to the terrible state of Ohio. It will prove to be too much for one man to handle.


Who does Cleveland have after Lebron? Kyrie shows signs, that’s about it. JR Smith can’t be trusted to even show up to the game. Kevin Love is not a good fit and the bench is nonexistent.


I don’t think it’s worth the time to go into great detail as to why GS will win and win easily. I just had to document it for credibility. Although I love basketball, I don’t think I’ll start watching until game 3.

Oh Pistons
Oh Pistons


  1. Lebron’s vaginal cramps to make an appearance by game 3 , will dive in game 4 and shake hands with the winners in 5

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