Uber JFK Scam ‘Resolution’


Lots of people chimed in on the annoying situation for Uber Pool never arriving at JFK. I went back and forth and back and forth with Uber and tried to explain the situation. They kept telling me that I had selected Uber VIP not Uber Pool and that’s why I was charged the VIP rate. I tried to tell them to review my account history which would show two Uber Pool cancellations followed by a VIP reservation. That got me nowhere.

Finally, I replied with a link to yesterday’s post and received the following response: “We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t intend to select uberX VIP for this trip. Seeing as this is your first time, I’ve added a $20 credit to your account that you can use for your future Uber trips. Going forward, please verify that you are choosing the vehicle option you want at the bottom of the app.”

How dumb can they be? Even with the full blog post, this is the response. I’ll gladly take the $20 but how does this resolve the issue?

Yellow Cab?


  1. When I got 4 cancellations in a row from uber drivers who refused my $25 ride home from IAD (they wanted to go to DC for $65) uber claimed they “couldn’t see” any cancellations in my account. Uber sucks. Either take the ride or turn off your phone and go home .

  2. Uber’s costumer service is indeed incompetent. I had an issue recently where I was charged for the driver “waiting” for me, even though I was at the curb when he arrived and immediately got into the car. It took 3-4 emails to Uber before they responded on point. All of their initial emails were similar to yours, where they replied, “Please review our policy regarding waiting”. It was as if they couldn’t read or comprehend what I had written.

  3. Lol. What else do you expect? That’s a standard corporate response. Gone are days when uber are better than taxi. Hopefully your blog encourage others to stop using uber at all. Let them suffer for bad attitude towards customers.

  4. Stop takeing pool you are so cheap ! Drivers hate doing pool for these entitled cheap people! Take a taxi next time you will not because it more money ! Loser

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