The Etiquette of Things: Elevator Etiquette, Pushing Your Floor Number


Look at some of the comments from my Uber Pool experience (post 1 & 2). No doubt, they are among the finalists for the 2018 Festivus Airing of Blog Grievances. If you liked/hated me there, what will you do here?

When I walk into an elevator, I press the door open button, wait for anyone else to come in, and then select my floor. After that, I step back to a corner and prepare for the awkward right of passage. Occasionally, I’ll be in the corner and the person who just stepped in will ask me to press a floor for him/her. I have no problem doing this but question why anyone would ask someone to do so, especially if there is only two people in the elevator? I can understand when the elevator is full and, by default, the one closest to the buttons becomes the elevator operator. Beyond those circumstances, I think it is a bit presumptuous to ask someone to press the button when that person is plenty capable. It’s even more annoying when they assume that you should do this for them.

And that’s my complaint of the week. What do you think? Going up?

Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up


  1. I agree. Unless the elevator is full and the person getting on would have to reach through people, then they should press their own button!

  2. I think you are way over-reacting. Reaching across someone’s space to press the button is rude on the same level as reaching across the dinner table rather than asking someone to pass it to you. If everyone follows etiquette, the person nearest the buttons should offer, “where to?” without the other person having to ask.

  3. Lol. I would pretend that I’m a foreigner and doesn’t understand whatever the person saying. I even mumble a gibberish to make that point. That’s gow you treat a jerk. Don’t be mad, play with it. Lol

  4. I’ve never had this conflict. Usually I’m focusing on why I didn’t get a room upgrade, even though I have status, so being asked to press a button is trivial in the burdens I experience during a typical travel-day.

  5. i’d take the stairs, no matter the number of floors to climb. i wouldn’t have to deal with my claustrophobia, and, more importantly, i wouldn’t have to deal with people. win. win. (and mich got golddam lucky with their win today!!)

  6. If someone asks you to press the button, go ahead. If someone tells you to press the button, use one of the strategies mentioned above.

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