Warning: You May Have A Business Aviator Open


Here’s a friendly PSA from your friend TPOL: You may have a business aviator open and not realize it. Remember years ago when you used to churn the US Air credit card with Barclays? After having half a dozen, you may have applied for the business version and forgotten all about it. Apparently, I opened mine in 2013 and started receiving robo calls about a past due balance this month. The card was converted to the Aviator and it has an annual fee. Fortunately, I was able to close the card and have the annual fee refunded. Since it’s a business card, the delinquency did not hurt my credit.

How I miss the days of US Air. The Visa Run Through Asia Trip Report details how I flew All in Business, All for $200, and 30,000 US Air Miles, all over Japan and China. Crazy time!



  1. Don’t you have a spreadsheet with all your cards on it? I have several (one for cards, one for payments, one for retention offers, one for minspend progress…). I’ve got 27 open and 14 closed so I’d be screwed without it!

    • I do but just the ones with annual fees I keep an eye out. I think i downgraded the us air business to a no annual fee. That’s why i was surprised

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