Western Conference Playoffs Predictions


I have to write this post before the 3 month NBA playoffs are over and my predictions come true without documentation.

The Spurs battled back against the Clippers to tie the series and are headed back to Old Man Riverwalk’s stable for games 3 and 4. 80 percent of the teams who win game 3 go onto take the series 95 percent of the time.

The Warriors showed great resolve yesterday leading me to believe they will sweep and advance. I agree with the Chuckster that outside shooting will not result in a championship ring.

Houston and the Beard are showing real promise with a bench that is reminiscent of the old Mavericks.

But with all that I’m going with a team that is consistent and physical to advance to The Finals. That’s right, TPOL’s pick is the Memphis Grizzlies.

Book your flight now for Tennessee and get ready for some good bball and bbq.

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