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Monday, July 22, 2024

Boreding in Boise

Sorry for not posting yesterday but I was making my way to an airport that is serviced by Southwest. That airport is in Spokane, Washington and this morning, promptly at 630AM I left GEG bound for Phoenix via Boise.

I know nothing about Boise except for that ugly blue field of the overrated Broncos which produced the Detroit Lions’ WR sensation Titus Young. Mr. Young is no longer in the league. I believe he’s either going to jail or is in jail but who knows.

Anyhow back to Boise where I have four hours to wait for my connection. I’m too lazy to check for an Admirals Club lounge though it’s safe to assume there isn’t one.

The point of this post is to pose two questions: 1) Why is there a direct flight to Phoenix from Idaho? 2) What’s the true cost of a free flight when you have to drive all night like Celine Dion, sleep for a few hours in an overpriced hotel in Spokane, only to be bored in Boise for hours before landing back in the desert?




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