What’s Your Time Worth? A $600 Delta Voucher?


Flying from Montana to NYC is an arduous journey. The day begins at 3AM with a two hour drive to the airport. From there, Delta ships me to either SLC or MSP. Today, it was MSP with a two hour layover. Before getting on the plane to EWR, I wanted to confirm that I was in a window, preferably on the right side of the plane. As this was being confirmed, the other agent made an announcement looking for a passenger to give up his or her seat for a voucher.

Curious, I asked how much the voucher was. She said $600. I said deal. Now, I’m in the Delta Sky Club SLC until 4PM.

What do you think?

Note: If you’re in the lounge, leave me alone, I need sleep.


  1. Just my opinion, of course:
    I would say you should have gotten more. If you look in your voucher paperwork near the end, there’s a portion that talks about an arrival delay of over 4 hours being worth up to $1350. And, what about food vouchers?

    Last month my spouse and I were in Tucson for a 7am TUS-SLC nonstop; they wanted volunteers for a 4pm the same day. They offered $600 each; I said keep me in mind, but probably that’s not enough. They called us back about 15 minutes later – we got $1200 each plus vouchers for breakfast and lunch in the airport. Sucked hanging around for such a long period, but $1200 each was good compensation.

  2. If I had nothing pressing, I’d probably do it. How many hours was the total delay? That would be a consideration as well.

  3. i hope you drank it up, ate it up, and i think you should donate the voucher to your editor. your posts have been a+++ in terms of grammar.

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