World’s Biggest 星巴克 (Starbucks) Coming to Shanghai!


Previously I had written that Taco Bell was coming to Shanghai. Nothing says 很好吃 like a T-Bell. Now, I have read in Bloomberg that the world’s biggest Starbucks is being built in Shanghai as well. It is going to be 30,000 square feet in size and allow customers to, “watch beans being roasted, sample high-end brews and use a Starbucks augmented-reality digital app to interact with the store.” The Starbucks will be located on West Nanjing Road, home to another Chinese institution, Krispy Kreme donuts and Yang’s Dumplings.

The longer I am away from China, the faster it becomes more like the US, leaving me to wonder if everything will be in English by the time I move back. What happened to drinking 茶?Why is everything so commercial? Answer: 钱.

Will Dubai try to outdo Shanghai?




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