Worst Part of Moving: No Wi-Fi


This post gets filed in the a-live section which is usually reserved for blogging while I’m on the road.

I moved today from the woods to the forest and my Wi-Fi won’t be activated until Monday. Why does it take so long to activate Wi-Fi? Who are these magical technicians that are so busy but do five minutes of work when they finally do arrive? Why is there a disconnect fee, an activation fee, and an installation fee for air? Why am I paying so much for Wi-Fi? Why is there a annual contract? Why are there so many providers? Why won’t my stupid old box work with new provider?

All this reminds me of a scene from Lethal Weapon 4. “They fuck you, they fuck you with the cellphones!”

The only question I can answer is what am I supposed to do until Wi-Fi arrives. The answer is golf.


  1. Try to just plug in the modem (assuming its cable) and see if it works. Sometimes it does. I guess i’m spoiled that my internet provider has wifi in most of the city, so I can always connect that way.

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