To Run a Marathon in Greece, That is the Question


In my Shakespearean voice, I posit the question, should I run a Marathon in Greece this 8th day of November in the year of our Lord, 2015?

My first marathon was in 2012 on a dare from a friend who said I couldn’t do it. I did that one in Anchorage. For him, I eventually wrote this book. Now, I’ve been inspired to run again based on a number of factors including what should be, given today’s news, an inexpensive trip to Athens.

I’m pretty sure that I will sign up but was looking for some feedback, commentary, or crassness from readers to put me over the edge. From there the fun begins as I try to figure out the routing to Athens, where to stay, and how I can get to Morocco after.


The field looks intimidating.
The field looks intimidating.



    • since so many points and miles bloggers, including BA bloggers, run, I’ve often said we should plan a blog, run, meetup. the key would be that it has various distances and perhaps even a walk option. Perhaps we could choose a good charity and all run for that.

      • i’m sure we could put something together and get corporate sponsorship to match the organic donations. it’s crazy how many points bloggers love running (and are attorneys)! let’s run it by the house of miles.

  1. Athens classic marathon was my first marathon back in 2005 (have since run more than 20 marathons on all 7 continents). Loved it! then again, I had nothing to compare it with back then. It has probably grown a lot more by now but try to stay at a hotel within walking distance from the finish. It was quite hilly between miles 20-30 but it was a nice downhill 10k to the finish. Good luck if you do it!

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