WOW, TPOL Is Going to Iceland


The broken in AC in Tahiti inspired me to book my flight to Iceland on WOW air. It’s $226 one way from BWI and no checked or substantial carry-on bags are permitted. That means the Jambox will have to stay at home along with much of My Travel Technology.

I know that Wow air has $100 fares but I’m going in prime time June to take advantage of my speculative pre deval Club Carlson booking. Four nights at the Radisson Blu 1919 in Reykjavík should be plenty of time for TPOL debauchery and classy exploration.

In order to get to BWI, I booked a flight on my new favorite short-haul airline, Delta, for 7500 points +$5. Where am I going after and how I’m getting home is anyone’s guess.

I just know that post sunburn and no AC in Tahiti, I’m going to need some ice.



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