Xbox One S: My IFE Recommendation


It was freshman year of college. I had just sold my Sega DreamCast for $300 to a kid from high school that swore that Sega would prevail in the gaming market. (at least my Blackberry survived this long) I made the trek to K-Mart to camp out for the PS2. When I arrived at midnight there were 5 other people already there. The manager came out to tell us that they may have 6 but probably five units available. I decided to wait it out. At 7AM, the manager confirmed that they did receive 6 units and gave us each a Willy Wonka golden ticket. He told us to come back at 9AM when the store opened. When I returned, the parking lot was jam-packed with people looking to purchase the PS2. Of course, only the few who had braved the night would be going home with a shiny blue box. Eventually I also purchased an Xbox and Nintendo GameCube. By 2003, I graduated from both the University of Michigan and playing video games.

Today, that all changed when I impulsively bought the Xbox One S. Seeing the commercials for FIFA 2017 had me convinced that it was time to be a child again. While Madden has advanced well beyond my capabilities (I dare anyone to challenge me to Super Tecmo Bowl with QB Bills), FIFA remains perfect in its simplicity. To tie this all into travel, I wonder why airlines don’t have an Xbox on board. Imagine flying Etihad Apartments while talking trash to someone back in coach over a friendly futbol match. It certainly beats watching Two Broke Girls or playing Tetris on a plastic remote.

Bring it on fellow pax!
Bring it on fellow pax!



  1. I bring my ps Vita everywhere I travel because I can remote log in to my ps4 from almost anywhere with a good internet connection. So it’s fun playing Star Wars from halfway around the world. I wonder if a good inflight connection would do the same? Never tried it, because airplane wifi isn’t exactly mind boggling yet 🙂

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