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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Aloft LAX: Be Careful Not to Miss Your Flight

The Aloft LAX Airport Hotel Review is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Behold, the City of Angels! Well, you can’t behold it for too long. Chances are that you are only in town for a few hours if you are staying at the Aloft El Segundo LA Airport. En route to Peru, I had sixteen hours in Los Angeles. This provided a perfect opportunity to see some friends and catch up on my drinking. That proved costly as too many margaritas made for a rough day ahead.

a group of drinks on a table

Getting There

The Aloft shuttle leaves to the airport twice an hour. On the way to the hotel, it stops at the Fairfield. I was told to switch shuttles and that the next stop‎ would be the Aloft. I waited for ten minutes for the shuttle to leave. Thirty seconds later, I was at the Aloft.

a white bus parked at a bus stop

TPOL’s TIP: Walk to the Aloft, it’s right next door.

The Hotel Itself

The hotel is hip and W-ish.

a building with glass doors a building with glass doors and a blue and yellow striped ceiling a blue and yellow striped roof a clock in a room a room with chairs and tables a room with a bar and a bar with a couch and chairs a pool table in a room with glass doors a close up of a carpet a rectangular light fixture with multiple colored squares a close up of a device

The Pool

If you are a loner, consider staying at the hotel after grabbing some In N Out (the most overrated burger, contrast with the Mo Club, one of the world’s greatest burgers). The hotel has a beautiful pool that will make you think you’re in Vegas or a more swanky LA neighborhood.

a pool with lounge chairs and palm trees a pool with lounge chairs and palm trees a building with palm trees and a pool

Welcome Amenity

Gummy bears and white or red vines and red? Those were the choices for the welcome amenity. That’s a pretty clever concept that is consistent with the easy going atmosphere of Aloft hotels.

a bottle of liquor next to a bag of candy

a magazine with gummy bears on it

The Room

The room is standard Aloft ‎elegance. One day I’ll grab one of these Aloft pillows for my personal collection.

a bed with pillows and a lamp in a room a bed with pillows and a headboard in a hotel room a bed with a pillow and a lamp a bed with a clock and two pillows a pillow on a bed a bed with pillows and a microwave a room with a tv and a table a shelf with coffee cups and a water bottle

The Bathroom

The bathroom was different than other Alofts because of the aggressive orange paint. Of course, your favorite Aloft soaps are there to soap and sud the In N Out oil off your fat belly or the post tequila binge.

a bathroom with a toilet and sink a bathroom sink with a mirror and a faucet a shower with a shower head and soap dispensers a bathroom with a sink and mirror


Aloft continues to be my favorite airport hotel. This one would be worth staying at for the pool alone, and for the fact that it is so close to the airport should you enjoy Sunday irresponsibly and are in a hurry to make your flight.

a group of empty shot glasses on a plate with lime wedges a group of cans with lime slices on top



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