Amazon Locker: 22nd Century Technology 


While we are not quite at the 3 seashell Demolition Man level, we are getting closer. A great stride for all of mankind is the invention of Amazon Locker, a service that takes Amazon Prime to a whole new level.

Due to weather delays, my vacation attire was not shipped on time. With one night in NYC before heading to Asia, I had two choices: Go to 5th Avenue and overpay for clothes. Try out Amazon Locker.

I went to and added its finest $9.99 T-shirts to my cart. I then picked a location near the Andaz Wall Street where my package would be delivered. The pick up spot was a 7-Eleven and the package would be there no later than the next day. I hit order and waited for delivery confirmation.

The next day I received an email and made my way to the 7-Eleven. As I walked to the store, I was trying to figure out how this service worked. Would I have to ask the clerk to get my stuff? How was it available at any time? What happens if I want to return the item?

I got to the store and everything made immediate sense. In the back left, next to the ATM, were a bunch of lockers and a monitor. I typed in my confirmation code and wouldn’t you know it, a locker popped open.

I grabbed the stuff, bought a Slurpee, and headed back to the Andaz. Moments later, I received an email confirming that my swag had been picked up.

What a great experience. Let’s hope the shirts fit as I have no choice but to keep them, at least until I return.


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