British Airways Lounge JFK: Mashed Potatoes & Gravy


​”Go through the priority line. That way you don’t have to wait with the economy class passengers.” That was sound advice from the ticketing agent except for the fact that the priority line at JFK for British Airways and its partners only has one x-ray scanner. I waited over an hour in horror as the minutes ticked away from my precious lounge time. 

After being cut by every crew member and  every airport staffer, I finally got through security and proceeded to the lounge which is split into two sections: first and business. 

I recommend skipping the first class lounge as it has the feel of a funeral wake. It’s eerily quiet and dark and there is not much of a food selection. On a more positive note, the eggnog was worthy of cousin Eddy. 

Hungry for more than hummus, I went to the business class side which had the perfect food spread for the holiday season. Turkey, green beans, and mashed potatoes coupled with a Brooklyn Lager was the ideal pre-departure meal. 

After a few more healthy servings, I left the dining room and went to the lounge area where I pretended to do work. Too full from the food, I snapped a few more pictures and waited for the boarding announcement. 

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