Buckeye Pho: Something I Actually Like In Ohio


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So we lost the game after a tremendous time in Columbus. That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t treat myself to some yummy pho. After awful, deplorable, disgusting pho in New York time and time and time again, I was beginning to think that I didn’t like this perfect soup. That was before I went to Buckeye Pho and discovered that our friends to the South do something even better than beat us year in and year out. They make great pho.

Buckeye Pho
Buckeye Pho

The Ambiance 

Buckeye Pho is the best place to get pho because it has TVs showing the game, beer to drink, and a lively atmosphere.


What do you call nuts on the wall?
Great prices

The Menu

Finally, I have rediscovered a pho restaurant that is affordable and has options for big and small bowls of pho.

The People 

Good pho places should have a diverse clientele. In Vietnam, places like Pho 2000 only had tourists which was a tell-tale sign that the pho would disappoint. Places like Pho Pasteur were all locals, a good indicator that the pho would be great. Here, there were people from all backgrounds, leaving me confident that the pho would be delicious.

The Summer Rolls 

The summer rolls were not memorable but that’s usually a good sign. Too many times great summer rolls mean bad pho.

Meh summer rolls
Meh summer rolls

The Pho 

Spoon after spoon, I slurped the great broth until I decided to load it up with the requisite ingredients. It just got better and better.

Buckeye Pho
Buckeye Pho
Buckeye Pho


Michigan should’ve won but I’ll take a bowl from Buckeye Pho as a consolation prize.

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