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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Chateau Marlborough: The Best Hotel in Blenheim

Chateau Marlborough Blenheim Hotel Review is is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

Getting There: Taxi‎. There’s no reason to rent a car. The town is tiny and wine tasting should be done via bike tour (see Wine Tours by Bike NZ: A Must for Wine Enthusiasts).

I landed in Blenheim with nowhere to stay. I tried the Google Maps ‘Hotels Near Me’ trick, and once again it was cheaper than the other searches (see Aura Hotel Melbourne: Flinders, Flinders, Flinders!). The query popped up with the Chateau Marlborough which had a photo of a fancy entrance and a price of $100 a night. Like before, I tried to book using garbage T-Mobile’s data and got nowhere.

Since there was only one taxi in the tiny airport, I figured I would take it and deal with booking when I had WiFi.

Checking In

After making the reservation, the front desk said it would take a few minutes for it to show up in their system. Instead of waiting around, I took advantage of the $20NZD voucher and went to the pool for happy hour.a brick building with a lawn and flowersa sign on a wall

a couch in a room with a mirror
Lobby couch

Pool Patio

Back left from the pool is a nice seating area where I had many bottles over the three nights I stayed.a pool with chairs and tables outside a pool with a building in the background a window with a tray of glasses and a sign on it a sign next to a wine glass a bottle of wine next to a glass of wine two glasses of wine on a table a glass of wine on a table outside


The hotel has great service. They booked the wine tour, the taxi to the airport, and recommended the Wine Station and Raizada Indian restaurant. Notably, they weren’t overly enthusiastic about Hans as a dining option (see Hans Herzog Vineyard: Yes to Wine, Pass on Food.)


I booked an executive suite. It had a big living room that I did not use with a view of the pool.a living room with leather chairs and a table a living room with couches and a table a kitchen with a microwave and a sink a living room with couches and chairsa chair and a table in a room


I do not recommend the executive suite in the summer. It is better to book a single room because the a/c was not in the bedroom.

a bed with pillows and a lamp on the side


Good soaps, good water pressure.a bathroom with a mirror and a toilet a group of green bottles with black caps a shower head in a bathroom


Breakfast wasn’t included and I chose to apply my voucher to wine.


The happy hour sauvignon blanc was great. On the last night, I went with a bold pinot noir called Fickle Mistress. It was another great choice.a bottle of wine and a glass on a table a man sitting on a couch holding a glass of wine


The hotel is walking distance to everything in the town.


This is a great place to stay in Blenheim.


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